The Music of Dirk Brossé

Over the past 40 years Dirk Brossé has composed not only more than 400 works of orchestral music, instrumental music, chamber music and vocal music, but also movie and TV soundtracks and theatre music.

The best way to understand his music is to read one of the poems he has written about it:

I live in a world of sound
in which old notes meet new
at the junction of different styles and genres
some new arrivals, others centuries old

weary of convention and timeworn custom
I’ll take you to a musical world
where boundaries are but lines scratched vainly in the sand
to be washed away by the coming wave
all for the Love of Music
with a capital L and a capital M

© Dirk Brossé

Highlights & selected works

It is almost impossible to highlight every composition by Dirk Brossé. Dirk himself made a selection of works he wants to bring under your attention.

Works for Orchestra / Chamber Orchestra

Artesia, symphony # 1, Principals, The Birth of Music, symphony # 2, Philadelphia Overture, Für Elise at the Movies, Pictures at an Exhibition, Sea Life AquariumGuernica, Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

Works for String orchestra (+ harp)
In Memoriam Shostakovich, For the unknown Soldier

Works for symphonic Band
Oscar for Amnesty, El Golpe Fatal, Tintin – Prisoners of the Sun, Musical Postcards, The last Friend of Napoleon

Works for Soloists and Orchestra/ Chamber Orchestra / String Orchestra
La Soledad de America Latina, Black, White and in Between, War Concerto, Sophia Violinconcerto, Echoes of Silent Voices, Cello Concerto (aka Concerto for Isabelle)

Works for Brass Ensemble
Prelude to a new Age, The Dandi March

Piano Works
7 Nocturnes, 7 Daydreams, To my Secret Inspiration, Secret Inspirations – Book I

Choral Works & Oratorio
The American Dream, Juanelo – Charles V Oratorio, Ebony Oratorio

Works for Voice(s) and Orchestra / Chamber Orchestra / String Orchestra
Landuyt Cycle, La Vida es un Sueño, Haiku Cycle 1, Pace, O Power of Wisdom, I Loved You

Music for Film and TV
Daens, Koko Flanel, Marie, Parade’s End, The Lovers, When the Light Comes

Sacco and Vanzetti, Tintin – Prisoners of the Sun, Rembrandt, Musical Daens, Musical 14-18, Ben X, Musical Scrooge

CD-release ‘Guilty Pleasures’ 21 concert waltzes for piano solo by Dirk Brossé, performed by Éliane Reyes

- contains 21 concert waltzes for piano solo - 70 minutes of breathtaking unpublished new music - recorded by world class pianist Éliane Reyes - recorded on the Chris Maene Straight Strung Concert Grand - all world premiere recordings

It was during the first lockdown in March 2020 that I composed 21 concert waltzes for piano, to which I gave the rather mischievous title of “Guilty Pleasures”. The waltzes, with one exception, are far removed from the familiar commercial stereotype of the Viennese waltz. My waltzes are stylised in form, eclectic in their musical language and primarily intended for concert performance. Surprising syncopations, hidden hemiolas and outrageous jazz rhythms conflict and contrast with the traditional waltz accompaniments, whilst the musical styles and genres range from purely classical, romantic and atonal to jazz, Latino, Eastern, African and Chinese. The performance and recording of the 21 waltzes called for an exceptional soloist: for me, the much-praised Éliane Reyes was the ideal pianist to take up this challenge.

The album is released by ET’CETERA Records and will be available online and offline from February 1st, 2021 onwards.